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Thank you for your interest in our Restore, Rebuild and Rebalance Yoga January-February Session. Please fill out the form below in full to register.

Note: Registration is not complete until you have paid in full.

Payment options include cash, cheques made payable to Jackson Yoga, or email money transfer to

You can pay for the entire session with the PayPal option below.

Cost: $108.00

Holiday Special: $100.00

Workshop Registration Form

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  1. Hi Elaine
    I tried to register for your thursday afternoon group but can’t seem to complete the payment on line. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Debbie,

      Were you trying to use the Paypal option?

      The Paypal option is for the purchase of an entire session. Is that want to do?

      Sorry we didn’t see your email. It wasn’t sent to us and was put in the comments section.

      I’m Elaine’s administrator Jenn. You can contact me at

      I’ll be sending you an email as well.



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