Self-acceptance: Beauty, Health, and Aging


The way we understand health and beauty is deeply impacted by the time and place we live in—and it is changeable. In the Renaissance plump and pear-shaped was the ideal, in the sixties it was twig-thin, in the nineties it was Loni Anderson (tiny waist, huge boobs), and according to the health magazine I just looked at being “super-fit” is now the epitome of beauty. […]

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There’s a star man waiting in the sky


As Alan Cross so aptly stated, “David Bowie [was] not supposed to die.” As a life-long fan, I was delighted that Bowie released a new album on his birthday, and then stunned to learn of his death two days later. He was king of the freaks and the misfits: fearless, androgynous, shape shifting, enigmatic. He had strange eyes, bad teeth (until Imam), and a powerful command of uncanny symbolism[…]